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MIA It is also important that your migration agent works within the DIMIA guidelines. Migration agents and lawyers in Australia are members of the MARA and further all of our agents belong to the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA). United, these factors ensure that your application for any Australian visa is dealt with professionally. Some of our clients call it emigration, some immigration and others migration, all essentially, the same life changing process of moving to Australia.

Mira Flomin BA

Ecoonomics and Accounting

Mira practiced accounting in various Government roles (Ministry of Finance) and also shares a keen interest in psychology and other creative areas in which she has led several successful projects.

Throughout her professional experience, Mira has dealt with various aspects of companies and businesses and that has given her a sound knowledge and understanding in financial and other aspects of the corporate world. Mira is also a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation, and has undergone extensive training in various psychological methods.

Mira is a registered migration agent with MARA (the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia) Agent No 0210295, and a member of MIA - the Migration Institute of Australia.

Danny Trestian LLB


Danny graduated in law in the UK, and has practised mainly in the Public and Government sector and also in the private sector. In his professional practice, Danny has acted in various commercial roles, which include international negotiations, commercial contracts and participated in conflict resolution.

Danny is a registered migration agent with MARA - the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia - Agent No 0316483, and member of MIA - the Migration Institute of Australia.

Danny's deep interest in human potential has led him to study and train in some state-of-the-art forms of modern psychology and also is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation.

Mira Flomin BA

Mira & Danny also participate in "The Circle Of Leaders" a forum of business people that each of them is a leader in their respective organization and field of expertise and their aim is to introduce innovation to their companies.

The forum is facilitated by high profile professionals who are using cutting edge methods in their work. Apart from that they participate in various business forums in order to enhance and update their skills and professional networks. That enables them to constantly improve the quality and level of service that they provide their clients with. Both Mira and Danny share a keen and deep interest in arts and creative areas and are always happy to promote and facilitate projects that are related to that.

We strongly believe that the nature of our skills, experience, training and blend of interests that each one of us has, together with the strong and high profile partnerships that we have created, has the right synergy that will enable our clients to achieve their goals. We intend to make our service very simple and accessible.