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How to move to Australia

Why would you choose Synch1?


You just need to initiate the process and we will do the rest of the work for you. Expert guidance is available to help you at all stages.

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Synch1 make the complicated procedure of immigration so easy that you will not feel any hassle.

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Is an application worth it?

We offer 1 hour of consultation, absolutely free of cost.

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Unique, innovative method

Synch1 provides a distinctive evaluation and consultation package.

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10+ years of experience

Synch1 understands the procedure and importance of making it successfully in first attempt

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Expert & professional immigration agents

All our immigration experts are qualified and registered by ICA.

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You can relax and free yourself from the burden of the whole visa application process. Our migration experts will take care of you at every step.

The Australian immigration laws and regulations are one of the toughest, along with freshly tightened rules emerging every now and then. For any person applying directly, it is going to be a troublesome process.

It is very important to submit all the needed documents and apply as per the procedure so that the application is not refused. One might not get a second chance for a long time.

Synch1 assures that you don’t have to go and do the hard part yourself - we will do it for you. We’ve got qualified migration agents who are fully aware of the current laws and requirements.

Synch1 - no risk, no worries, no trouble!


We have got professional who understand the Australian laws, regulations and visa requirements and deal with them on a daily basis. This excludes the chances of any omission or mistake from the applicant’s end. You just need to apply, attend the evaluation and the rest will be taken care of.

Our immigration experts will direct you to understand the crucial steps of:
• How to move to the next stage
• What documents are needed to submit
• Understand what are your chances of getting the visa
• Which visa type is applicable in your case
• If moving with spouse or family, then who should become the main applicant
• What would be the total cost for complete representation in the visa application

Have you still not made up your mind to move to Australia? Don’t worry; there is no need to hurry. You can take your time and inform us about your decision whenever you feel and then we will move to the next step.

Is an application worth it?
Is an application worth it?

When you apply for the initial evaluation and consultation package, you get your personalised migration plan along with a report. Over and above this, we give you 1 hour of free consultation via phone, Skype or email.

You get clarifications for all your doubts about your eligibility, cost, process, time. We don't want to leave you with any unanswered questions!

Even if you have plans to shift with your spouse or family, the good news is that you don’t have to pay twice!

Say for example, we can make a detailed migration plan for you, your spouse and 2 children below 18 years; you'll have it all for the price of one!

Unique, innovative method
Unique, innovative method

We have got our exclusive method and quality assurance for every eligible case boosted with our qualified team of professionals. All these gives you the reliability that we will guide you perfectly at every step and in an organized and planned way.

Thanks to our unique method of evaluation and consultation, you will get to know the likelihood of obtaining the visa before you take the decision to relocate to Australia. Our tremendously high success rates in clearing the visa process positively and 10+ years of experience makes us trust worthy. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up for life in wonderful Australia!

What does our package include:
• An evaluation to scrutinize you and your documents.
• A detailed report post evaluation to inform you about your eligibility to complete the emigration procedure.
• Customized migration plan summarizing all further stages for assessment and documentation.
• Final evaluation of fees and all the cost involved in the full representation of visa application process, if and when you prove to be an eligible applicant.
• Bonus 1 hour of consultation over phone, Skype or e-mail.

10+ years of experience
10+ years of experience

Synch1 understands the procedure and importance of making it successfully in first attempt.

We have a highly qualified team of Australian immigration professionals with legal and accounting qualifications and backgrounds. We have fulfilled hundreds of dreams to enter the land of the Australia and achieve their goals.

As a Synch1 client you can be absolutely sure about the quality of representation. We address your application with personalised service. Synch1 staff works with highest ethical standards.

We are here to help you through the process!

Expert & professional immigration agents
Expert & professional immigration agents

All our immigration experts are qualified and registered with Office of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Australian authority for immigration clearance).

When you or your agent applies for Australia visa consultation, detailed assessment report, contracts, quotes or any other kind interaction with the immigration body, it is very important to work as per the guidelines of Australian immigration department.

Migration agents and lawyers in Australia are the members of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). This ensures that we deal with all the applications in a systematic way using our high level of service and prioritising each customer in the same manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  10. I want to move to the Australia with my spouse/ family. Will the evaluation fees be higher or double for additional applicants?
  11. Can I apply for the visa on my own rather than going with Synch1?

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